Exhibitors at Counter 2018
Saturday 17th March 2018 at Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard

The Art Vending Machine

The Art Vending Machine dispenses packet sized art created by local and international artists. Located at the Exeter Phoenix the AVM is stocked with intrepid zines, micro-sculptures, live recordings, experimental film, DIY kits and many other unique creations.

All the artwork featuring in the AVM for 2017-18. This is a wide variety of work that includes artists and creators from a multitude of creative arenas. The challenge of the AVM is for creators to delivery quality and curiosity within the restricted size limitations. Works include zines, sculpture, mirco-drawings/painting, poetry, DIY art kits, short films and live recordings on flash drives.

Complete List of current artists work on sale:
John Gatip (Australia), 'Project Gaia', fictional micro city-scapes cast in golden resin.
Clare Bryden (Exeter) 'Blue|Green: Drop Slow Tears', laser-etched mirrors of the Exe river estuary.
Susan Supercharged (UK) 'Who is Susan Supercharged', A surreal film combing the use of hi to lo technologies and secret film making, delivered on a flash drive.
Colliding Lines (UK), 'Poetry and Piano', an 8-track EP of live spoken word recordings.
Micro-Library Books (UK), 'Engineerium', a concertina micro-book of fictional machine.
Ruby Bewbies (Singapore), 'Anxious State of Mind', micro-zine of introspective thoughts.
Peter Lower (Cornwall) 'Rip and Expose to Sunlight', a cyanotype DIY zine.
Naomi Batts (Bristol) 'Romanticism', a short illustrative zine on the fragility of romanticism.
Katrinka Wilson (Cornwall) 'Bee Love', micro-drawings of very small natural subjects, accompanied with a magnifying looking glass.
Myfanwy McDonald (Australia) 'We hold our cards close to our chests', a micro-storytelling card game based upon family memory.
Emma Drye (Scotland) 'Tiny Junk Shop Putti', tiny drawings of invented children, half kitsch half putti.
Bilawal Khawaja, Marijke Klamer (UK) 'Hands dipped in the Styx', a collaborative zine and series of mirco-paintings.
Joseph Priestley (Exeter) 'Lunar Segments', a concetina zine of short prose and collage exploring past fictional narratives of lunar exploration.
Russel Coleman (UK) 'Neoglyphs', reassembled glyphic forms cast in lightweight concrete.

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Image: re-fitted Azkoyen 5 art dispensing machine.